Red Flag Warning #2


Anytime there is a holiday or special occasion, the Narc will make sure to cause conflict or commotion to ruin it. 


Where to start?


Hi all. Welcome to my blog. I needed a place to vent to everyone and no one. A place to write down my thoughts and experiences and remain anonymous. 

I am not a professional writer so bear with me if everything gets jumbled around on my page. I am doing this for me.

It would be wonderful if my experiences help or enlighten others so you are welcome to go on this journey with me and your comments will be considered. Experiences from the past as well as recent occurrences that I am working through will be posted. 

Currently, I am still in a marriage with the Narc. We have two teenage children together and have been in a relationship for 25 years. While it may seem cut and dry to some, I am doing what I can to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone. (Yes, even my Narc.) In the future, I see big changes coming (it makes my heart race even to write that). I struggle day-by-day, minute-to-minute to understand what IS happening, what HAS happened and what is GOING TO happen. 

What I wouldn’t give for a crystal ball right now! Maybe this blog is your crystal ball. ?